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Dare to dream of wedding flowers that are uniquely you without having to pull all-nighters to figure out if ranunculus comes in burgundy (spoiler alert: it does) . . .

Harness our 27+ years of collective floral experience to create, plan, and execute your wedding flower vision within a budget that you decide. Save that Tylenol for later--you're not going to need it with us . . . 


As a full-service, events-only florist, we empower our couples to make their ceremonies and receptions unique and memorable by celebrating who they are and their personal style. 

Our floral services include:

Personal flowers to accessorize the wedding party (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages)

Ceremony florals (as little as a touch of something down the aisle to all-out custom floral arches and installations to frame that moment you say “I do!”)

Reception florals (centerpieces, candles, fireplace mantles, Ryan Reynolds . . . just kidding on Ryan Reynolds, just checking to see if you were actually following along . . ., photo op backdrops -- you name it and we'll put flowers on it)

Full service set up and tear down (because nobody we know wants to be sweating the morning of their wedding or cleaning up eucalyptus at midnight!)


What makes us different? It all boils down to this:  We create relationships based on collaboration and joy. 

We dedicate ourselves to making your wedding floral process as easy and stress-free as possible. Walk away from your planning stage and into your marriage stage relishing the memory of putting together the look your celebration (not trying to black it out!)

Who's interested in pricing? 

Our average floral purchase is approximately $4,500 before tax and setup/service fees. But honestly, we have weddings of all sizes and customize our quote to fit exactly what you want and need for your vision.  We want to fit into your wedding, not try to fit you into our packaging!

So . . . if you're looking for boring, uninspired florals at your wedding that you practically had to pull your hair out to plan, we're not the florist for you. But, if you want to enjoy the process, get advice and guidance on putting together your vision for the flowers, and have top quality beauty at your wedding . . . well, our inquiry button is just one click away . . . 

Hope we get a chance to connect!! 

In the meantime, be human, be awesome, and repeat  . . . 

Hugs (while social distancing),


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